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Our Series of Affordable Workshops, Tutorials, Classes & Courses for Actors & Filmmakers

1. Introduction to Acting for the Camera

Price:  TBC

To inquire or book your place on one of the Saturday Workshops simply email us using the Button below, giving your contact details, your preferred Saturday (see index >) and we'll be in touch with payment & booking details (Max. 10 per workshop).

If you wish to cancel the booking, please email us HERE with full details of the Workshop or Course and dates you wish to cancel; the cancellation will be effective from the date that we receive your email and you will be liable for the following Cancellation Charges on the course fees: 

  • 7-28 days before - 25%

  • 7 days or less before - 50%

If, however, you decide to transfer to another course, then we may, at our sole discretion, waive the Cancellation Charge. However, any requests to transfer to another Workshop or Course must be requested by email, HERE, telling us the Workshop or Course and the dates you wish to cancel and what Workshop or Course and dates you would like to transfer to, at least 7 days before the start date of the course requested or it will be treated as a cancellation at short notice and will garner the 50% Cancelation Charge.


In the event of the course being cancelled by us we will refund the fee in full, or transfer to any other Workshop or Course, subject to availability, at no extra cost to you.


This Workshop runs on Saturday DTBC. The class starts at 10am - 12pm with a lunch break (tea/coffee biscuits provided), resuming at 1pm - 3pm. 

This one day (2 x 2 hour sessions) on-site workshop will take students (18+) through the foundational techniques for acting on screen (TV/film) by industry professionals.


What we will cover is the fundamentals and techniques that actors use for working in this intimate medium.

  • Basic terminology used on set

  • Scaling of Performance

  • Prepping for TV/Film auditions

  • Point of focus

  • Preparation for shooting day

  • The differences between shots and how this impacts the actor performance

  • Movement

  • Eye-lines

  • What creates a compelling onscreen performance


You will get to participate in practical exercises that will help you understand, think about, and improve your presence on camera.

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