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Film & Video Production Manager

Having A Well Organised Filming Schedule Is Important If You Want To keep A Tight Shoot

"Time isn't the main thing, it's the only thing."

Miles Davis

On a short film, a production manager (aka line producer or PM) is responsible for most aspects of the production, including scheduling, shot lists, storyboards, talent & crew call sheets, budgeting, and script breakdowns, but most importantly the management of time. Although this list is not exhaustive. 

The PM's job is to organise the shoot so that it goes without a hitch, on time, and on budget. Working with the producer, director and other heads of department the PM will create reports and communicate with the talent and crew to arrange the shoot: times on set; pick up times if appropriate; and keeping the shoot on overall schedule. In the short film environment where there is no monetary budget as such, it is time that is used as a commodity.

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Terry Dray has been involved in film, television and theatre for over thirty years, working as a professional actor for several of those years before gaining an Honour's Degree in Photography, Film & Television in 1999, and in 2019 attaining a Masters in Screenwriting. Over the last 30 odd years he's been involved in feature length & short films, promotional videos & adverts, and music videos as production manager, writer, director, editor and producer, and well as having experience in lighting, camera and sound departments, he is well placed to help with your production whether in a consultancy basis or in a more practical position.

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