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The Filmmaker's Edge

Our Series of Affordable Online Tutorials, Workshops, Courses and Masterclasses 

For The Writer

Do you have a brilliant idea for a film or television show? Don't know what do do next? This workshop/course is for you.

We ALL strive to tell our stories. But sometimes those stories can get bound up with all those pesky rules that come with creating the screenplay. But, 1. What are those rules? 2. Do we really need to follow them?


In this series of workshops we will guide you through everything to do with writing a screenplay for TV or film and help take away the stress of formatting the script leaving you to just tell your story.


2. Introduction to Writing for the Screen

3. Learn How To Write a Script for a Short Film

1. The Screenwriter's Edge:

tips for the new screenwriter in 5 minutes or less

  Coming Soon  

For The Actor

The majority of acting colleges/schools will teach you how to act for the stage, but not many will give you the chance to work for the camera.  When we meet actors coming straight out of most schools & workshops is that there is no practical experience for acting in front of a camera. 

In this series of Workshops we give our students the chance to participate in practical exercises in front of the camera. 

1. Acting In Front Of The Camera

2. Advanced Acting For The Camera

  Coming Soon  

For The Filmmaker

From page to screen, these series of workshops and lectures will cover all you need to create your first short film. 

3. Directing Actors For The Camera

2. Blocking A Scene

1. What Is A Shot List And How Do I Get One?

4. Editing Your First Film

  Coming Soon  
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