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Music Video Production

Creating A Visual Presence To Promote Your Work

We are living in the future

And the future is promoting your latest single or music through a Music Video. An audio recording can’t capture the full essence of your musical vision like a Music Video. Whether it be Youtube, Vimeo, Facebook, or your Own Website, you can show off that vision to a worldwide audience.

So, grab everyone’s attention and get noticed. 

I take pride in producing unique Music Videos at truly competitive rates. I can manage the whole process, from script to screen from as little as £300. 

For more details and a FREE consultation, that will give you a more accurate cost, contact me using the email Button below or text/call: 07969 879 007  

I Can Write, Shoot & Edit a Music Video To Enhance Your Music, Song, or Performance

Below is a small sample of the kind of treatment I can give your songs.

The Abstract

We can interpret the music and match it with nearly anything.

I met and filmed Norman Lamont and The Heaven Sent as they perform several songs from the latest hit album "TURN".  Filmed on location at the Trossachs Tryst in Callander, Scotland.

"The Wants Out"

"The Wants Out"

"Living Water"


The Tino Band are from Glasgow and wanted me to create something moody for their song "Needles and Pins". I used footage from the film Metropolis (1927) to get the right feel for this haunting song.

This is another one from Norman Lamont and his Heaven Scent group. I met them at their rehearsal rooms in Edinburgh, and decided to have a little fun. This was the result. The song is "In Another Life".

In this case I used visuals from the film Metropolis (1927) and put it to the musical vision for Lynzie Dray to her song "I Came To Say".

I used old footage, this time it's from 1930/40's Hollywood musicals, and fitting it to a great little song from the very talented Nick Mcevoy called "The Nothing Button" from his latest CD/album *SimONLY.

Live Performances

Being able to perform live is a vital part of creating your musical vision. Being able to film and interpret that musical vision from you is a vital part of my work.

I filmed Purdie, a fantastic artist from Leith, at Bannerman's Bar singing her song "This Heart of Mine" then put some extra visuals to complement and enhance her vision.

I filmed Norman Lamont & the Heaven Scent at The Voodoo Rooms in Edinburgh for their album launch. The following two Music Videos are from that live performance.


"Until I Found You"

Linear Story Telling

I can write a story to fit your song. This can be an original idea from myself or in collaboration with yourself.

"End of Tears" is the latest vision based on an original idea from Norman Lamont and the Heaven Scent. I took his initial idea and ran with it. 

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