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The Screenwriter's Edge

Online Tutorials, Workshops, Courses, and Masterclasses For The New & Novice Screenwriter

As a professional filmmaker who specialises in short films, I frequently receive scripts from aspiring writers. Having worked in this field for over three decades, I've had the opportunity to read and review hundreds of screenplays, both short and feature-length. 

Through The Screenwriter's Edge, I aim to provide you with valuable insights into the common mistakes I've encountered in almost all of the scripts I've read throughout my career as a screenwriter in the short film genre, as well as tips, tricks and hints on how to get your script done from idea to the page.

1. Screenwriting Basics In 5 Minutes, or Less

A series of short video tutorials.

As someone who has been producing short films and working with scripts for the past 30 years, I would like to share some tips and hints on how to create a good screenplay. These are my personal opinions on what I have found to be the most effective approaches for producing short film scripts that really work.

2. The Importance of Dialogue in a Screenplay

1. What is a Screenplay Anyway?

I find that most new screenwriters use this phrase a lot.

i. "And Then..."

What does correct spelling and grammar have to do with a script? 

ii. "Spelling and Basic Grammer"

What's formatting for to do with it? 

iii. "Script Formatting"

 Coming Soon 

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