Our Slate of Projects
From Feature & Short Films to Web Series

Completed Short Films

Mummy's Voice.jpeg

As a Dad concentrates on work, he listens to his wife quietly singing a lullaby to their new born baby through the baby-monitor. What could possibly go wrong?


Starring Calum Verrecchia

and Deborah Whyte.


Billy just wants peace to read his book. Marge just wants a plate of ice cream. The Doctor told them to write stuff down as old age makes you forget things. When Billy goes to the kitchen to get Marge her plate of ice cream, will he forget?


Starring Phil Rainford

and Wendy Barrett


It's Margaret's 40th birthday. Margaret loves birthday cake. But Margaret is allergic to cake. She gives in to her craving. 


What could possibly

go wrong?.


Starring Wendy Barrett

and George Bowers

Ongoing Projects


A Short Film.

The meeting of two personalities is like the contact of two chemical substances: if there is any reaction, both are transformed.” Carl Jung.

When Norman and Woody cross paths they change the course of their respective lives.


Short Film.


Phyllis has just buried her husband of 25 years, Maggie has just buried her lover of 25 years. The problem is, he's the same man.


In development, this Web Series project tells the story of Chad and Nathan that share a flat but not much else..

We follow their daily lives with ironic consequences.

More to follow soon.