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Promotional Video & Adverts

An Affordable Way to Boost Awareness of Your Business/Company To A Wider Audience

Promotional Videos are becoming an essential way of positioning businesses of all kinds in all markets. As content creation becomes more accessible for even the most ardent amateur, it is even more important that it is produced to a professional standard; a promotional video or advert that actually reflects your brand.

We are offering low-cost solutions to help you push your company's visual presence throughout social media and your own website. We can write, shoot & edit a promotional video or advert from 1 - 5 minutes, all within a budget that you can afford. 

For details, or a FREE consultation, for a more accurate cost, send us an email using the button below telling us what you are looking for and we'll get back to you ASAP, or text/call: 07969 879 007  

A Promotional Video or Advert is individually created to suit you, and therefore unique, 

to perfectly promote and reflect your campaign, company, product, shop, or club.

Examples of Promo/Advert Videos

BLAIR JOHNSTON Personal Trainer - 2020

This was a Promotional Video commissioned by Blair Johnston to advertise and promote his personal training company In Bathgate, West Lothian.

ALEX MCSHERRY The Tanner's Tail - 2017

This is part one of The Tanner's Tale, performed by Alex McSherry for PBH's Free Fringe, 2017. Written by S. Hepburn adapted by Alex McSherry. 


I have a no-nonsense approach with regards to pricing all my work including Promotional Videos & Adverts, which means we are completely up front about the cost to you; your budget will be locked-down from the start. It will only change if you change the brief. 


The complexity of your Promotional Video or Advert production has a direct impact on price which is determined by you and completely transparent from the start.

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